Ad Campaigns

WAGA PAC develops targeted ad campaigns to support candidates that will vote to enact the America First Agenda and support President Trump.

Calls To Congress

WAGA PAC funds efforts to mobilize voters to call their Congressman or Senator in order to advance specific pieces of legislation. Nothing is more impactful!

Letters and Petitions

WAGA PAC has garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures in support of key parts of the America First Agenda and has delivered those signed petitions and letters directly to Congress on your behalf...

The Fight To Keep America Great

Through frivolous lawsuits, obstruction, false accusations, manipulation and any other unscrupulous tactics the Democrats are attempting to block a common sense America First Agenda that will put Americans back to work and usher in a new era of prosperity for all Americans.

As an independent organization we do everything we can to mobilize Conservatives to take action and get the America First Agenda passed into law. We fund calls-to-Congress, ad campaigns, individual campaigns and much more to help ensure the success of the Trump Administration.

Each day we are fighting to repeal and replace Obamacare, confirm high-quality Supreme Court Justices, lower taxes, secure our borders, build our military and bring back American Jobs.


We need your help to launch advertising, call congress, write letters and do everything else we can to ensure the America First Agenda is passed into law and defended in the courts. Your contribution funds those efforts...